Friday, May 11, 2018


Photo: Anna Radchenko

Falling down is never a problem. The problem is staying down.

There are many mantras that can help us through the times we backslide: Get back up on the horse! Pick yourself up, ...dust yourself off! There are no mistakes if we learn from them!

But what about the moments we fall and just plain don’t know how to get up?

At some point, this happens to all of us. There are moments we can’t seem to find our way out of the darkness. Everything seems wrong. Nothing we have done seems to be working. Nothing feels right.

One of the greatest kabbalists, the Baal Shem Tov taught an incredible secret. If you choose to keep going in times like these, despite your lack of desire or clarity, if you make the choice to forge ahead despite difficult times, eventually you will not only see the reasons why this was a process you had to go through, but you will even see a much greater truth: That you never really fell at all, because it was all part of a much bigger plan.

This is an unbelievable gift! There is a big difference between having faith that everything happens for a reason and actually comprehending those reasons for yourself. It’s only giving up that will keep us from reaching that state of clarity. Perseverance is how we see the bigger picture.

Never give up. Rest if you must – but do not quit!

With perseverance, we will not only have success but also uncover the blessings that lay dormant in our failures.