Tuesday, January 5, 2016

5 Tibetan exercises

 The fountain of youth might be found in the ancient Tibetan five rites. The Tibetan five rites are a set of exercises with endless anti-aging and stress-reducing benefits.

   Each of the five rites is made up of a set of movements that are repeated 21 times. When practiced daily, the five rites are said to enhance mental clarity and memory, balance hormones, improve health and support emotional well-being.

 The rites stimulate the chakras (the seven energy centers of the body) and increase a flow of energy from the core outward.

Endocrine system
Chakras have a physical manifestation as well. Gary Osborn, for instance, has described the chakras as metaphysical counterparts to the endocrine glands, while Anodea Judith noted a marked similarity between the positions of the two and the roles described for each. Stephen Sturgess also links the lower six chakras to specific nerve plexuses along the spinal cord as well as glands.

    Practice basic diaphragmatic breathing before beginning the exercises.
    It is important to connect the breath with the flow of the exercises.
    Start with three reps of each movement and each week increase by 3 till you reach 21 reps.

For good result practice every day, do not miss a single day. In case you can not make the 21 rpts at least make 3 and as soon as it is possible make the optimal 21repeats again.
For a better result you  can make the exercises twice a day.   

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