Friday, May 17, 2013

To get what you want, stop idealizing it! (Chris Cade)

A while back I posted on Facebook the following thought of mine:

"If you want to manifest your heart's desires, stop idealizing them. The more you idealize anything, the more you separate yourself from it."

After posting that, I got a LOT of comments from people who wanted me to clarify what I meant. Some people were confused... after all, "how can we get what we want if we don't idealize it?" some people wondered.

And my good friend Jody wrote, "I can't help but idealize enlightenment ;-)"

I wrote myself a note that when the time was right, I'd finally speak further on the topic... and that time has come. Let's start with a few definitions of the word "idealize..."

"Exalted to an ideal perfection or excellence"
"A portrayal of something as ideal"
"To regard something as ideal"
"Something that exists only as an idea"

When I read those definitions, a few things really stand out to me. The first three definitions point to an image of perfection... they suggest that there is always "something better" we can aspire to. That idea can be both helpful and hurtful in our path of personal development.

It can be helpful when we use it as a POINTER to look inwards at why we feel something is misaligned... it can help us inquire within ourselves about how we are not integrated with the True nature of who we are.

However, it can also be VERY detrimental to your development. The negative element of that is the Inner Critic who suggests "the grass is always greener on the other side," and if you've ever actually gone over the metaphorical fence, you've probably discovered that isn't always true.

When we continue to believe there's always something better than what we have, we get stuck in a LACK mentality.

Think about that for a moment.

We're not usually consciously aware of this, but it's very simple. The sheer premise that what you have is not good enough is LACK. And if you've been studying the Law of Attraction, then you'll quickly put it together that associating with a sense of lack is the quickest way to AVOID getting what you want and staying stuck where you are.
So at the very least, by idealizing what you want (whether it's financial abundance, the perfect relationship, the big house, or even enlightenment), what you're really doing is moving into LACK and separating yourself from the very thing you want.

Now let's look at the last definition, which I find particularly interesting...

"Something that exists only as an idea."

Taking this one step further, that means that whatever we idealize DOES NOT EXIST except in our minds... except as an idea. Since YOU exist and the idea does not exist, you are by definition separating yourself from the very thing you want!

The process of idealization forces us to live either in the past or future... not in our present. And again if there's one thing we've learned from the Law of Attraction, it's that being PRESENT and in a positive emotional and spiritual state is how we attract what we want in our lives.
Therefore, it stands to reason that if we WANT something, the best way we can get it is to not idealize it. Rather than see your idealized goal as something you don't have (i.e. as separate from you), it's important to let go of the idealization.

It's important to let go of what the goal "means" to you... To let go of how this "one thing will change your life forever..." and to let go of the belief that all your dreams will come true "some day."

So how do you do this?

1. Next time you find yourself wishing for something better, remember to change your focus. Instead of focusing on what you don't have (what you are idealizing), instead tune into your heart and focus on what you have that you are grateful for.
2. Remember that whatever you idealize is an IDEA that does not yet exist.

Instead, focus on BECOMING in alignment with things that do exist... with what is REAL in your life. #1 points to this, and you can do it by practicing being present.

All that exists, quite literally, is in the present moment. That's the space in which you manifest all that you want... because it's no longer your mind projecting into the future its "ideal" wants, but rather, in the present moment your heart and soul will speak to you and tell you what IT truly wants to be happy.

(and the heart and mind are not always in agreement)

3. I highly recommend some form of meditation.

And while some meditations are more effective for specific purposes than other meditations, generally speaking as long as you're devoting some time each day to meditation you will manifest MUCH FASTER AND MORE EFFECTIVELY than if you are not meditating.

4. Practice some sort of physical movement each day.

Physical movement - whether it's exercise, Tai Chi or Yoga, or simply playing with kids - will bring you into the present moment and immediately raise your energetic vibration. It pulls you out of the "lack" mentality of idealizing your wants and desires, and instead brings you instantly into what is true in the moment.
See, what most people don't realize is that our bodies know MUCH more about manifesting than our minds do.

This is partly due to the fact that the heart is such a powerful magnetic force... in fact, according to the Institute of Heartmath, the heart literally is 5000 times more electromagnetic than the brain.

And modern science is just now beginning to explore what sages have known for centuries: That the heart has its own intelligence center capable of providing us important information and making purposeful and effective decisions.

The other reason our bodies are important for manifestation is because they ARE the vehicle by which we manifest. Without a body, we couldn't manifest here as humans on earth. Sounds kind of silly when you think of it that way, but really - if you don't take care of this body, if you don't LIVE in it and use it... how can you expect it to manifest amazing things in your life?

So to get what you want, stop making it sound so super amazing - like it'll solve your problems and make things better. What you want is here and now, just waiting to be discovered within yourself.

YOU already are the gift you've been wanting to receive all your life.
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Your Partner In Transformation,
Chris Cade

Friday, May 10, 2013