Monday, October 28, 2013

Structure Function/Behavioural Genetics

Who - do you think- has more self confidence?
An aspect of Three in One that is unique to this modality is its application of Behavioural Genetics or Structure Function. Structure/Function is 'a catalogue of human behaviour' where DNA and life experience fuse to create personality traits. The structure of our brains, bodies and facial features inclines us to certain
functions and behaviours. These behaviours can be seen as our ability, our strengths, our advantage, our purpose and always a delicious lesson. How we are structured is directly related to how we function and therefore how we instinctively behave and respond to the world around us.
While Structure/Function inclines us to a behaviour, it does not guarantee that we will do that behaviour, as we may have either turned down, turned up, or turned off a behaviour in order to cope or survive in a past or present situation. We may have experienced a clash, we may not have fit in, we may have been told that 'we shouldn't act that way.'
When we understand our behavioural traits, our instinctive individuality, the better we can assimilate the lessons these traits can teach us about ourselves and others. And once we can understand and appreciate our own
instinctive individuality, we can more easily live at our best while honouring and
understanding the unique individuality of others. This improves and deepens our
relationships, self to self, self to others and others to self.
Three in One Concepts was developed by Gordon Stokes and Daniel Whiteside.
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Sunday, October 6, 2013

A trip around the world with a smile on your face

There ARE happy people out there. Not everyone is fighting and killing.
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