Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A magic bouquet

"It is a reminder that each rose is beautiful by itself as a individual... And as a bouquet, their collective beauty is priceless and their scent far-reaching... The roses are a reminder that the true gift of "E-Quality" is in the choice we make to come together, to create, through our mutual interest in our likeness of Energy Quality."
Anastazya Wada

Thursday, May 15, 2014

What you believe...(Byron Katie )

What you believe only seems to be true. Test it.
Byron Katie

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Are you important for yourself? (Chris Cade )

Always putting other people first is a sure-fire way to make sure that our dreams go unfulfilled

"Let" is implying that I'm requesting permission to take care of myself. And that's false because I already know I'm going to take care of myself first unless the Present Moment presents an extenuating and immediate reason for me to make a new choice.

For example....
"Ready to talk?"
"Yes. Let me use the restroom first."

The point is simply this:

Use words that consciously convey the exact meaning of the moment. The truth that is here and now. Not the past. Not the future. Only this moment.

"I am important to me, and I choose to take care of myself. And I expect you and others to treat me with the same sense of respect and care that I honor myself with."
Choose your words wisely because they are the physical manifestation of your thoughts and beliefs.

Your Partner In Letting "Let" Go,
Chris Cade