Defusing stress

The Goal of Sessions
What does a session look like? 
What can stress defusion help? 
After stress releasing session
What is Muscle Testing?

How long is a session?

Sessions vary from 60 -90 minutes long, depending on what is needed on a particular day.

How will I feel afterwards?

Clients generally describe feelings of calm, relaxation and lightness after a session. Or perhaps a positive shift in their state. You may need to do some 'homeplay', increase your water intake or get a bit more sleep in the days following a session.

At times a session can act like an emotional or physical detox. A subtle sense of discombobulation may initially be experienced, followed by a sense of relief. The readjustment period is a result of the brain changing long held neural patterns. The body is also eliminating toxins associated with cellular memory. 
As you leave a session your body and mind will still be doing its work in beautifully subtle ways and will inspire you to notice things with a different level of awareness.

How often do I need to come?

 The majority of clients are able to fix their problems during one session. They take responsibility for their issue and fulfill reinforcement exercises as needed. In case new issues come up where they need some help, they ask for a new appointment.

 Some clients come monthly, some come in every two months and some prefer to come for a period of time to address specific issues. Some like to come and go, as the need arises. Initially, you may need to have a few (1 to maximum 3) sessions  before you decide to space them out. At the end of session we can muscle test if a further meeting would be helpful.

You can look at this work as way to address the inevitable stressors that come with living, to gain deeper awareness of your issues and to find creative options for managing your life differently. In the long term, you are giving your body and mind regular tune-ups to keep it functioning and playing in a more fulfilling way.

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